halloween ghosts

Add Halloween ghosts in unexpected places! 3 simple ways to make them your October mascot

These Halloween ghosts are easy to add in to your décor.

As you consider what Halloween decorations you have from last year, and how to make it all new again this year, we have one suggestion. Add two eyes and a mouth – it doesn’t get easier… or cuter!

Decorator and do-it-yourselfer Michelle Bauer spots the ghost as the unofficial mascot of Halloween. For her home decorating, this apparition is showing up in some unsuspected ways.

Find Michelle on Instagram at @_thepinklemon, and on Etsy.


DIY Ghost Canvas


  1.  You’ll need a blank canvas from the craft store.
  2. Select a digital ghost print from Etsy. Download it & have it printed at Office Max.
  3. Paint the edges & top sides of the canvas with any type of paint.
  4. Spray the canvas with Elmer’s spray adhesive.
  5. Lay the print on the canvas & smooth out air bubbles.

Project cost – $30-36 depending on the digital print you choose. Canvas $10, Poster print $16, digital download $5-10. That price is based on a very large print- mine is 18 x 24.


Macramé Ghost Door Hanger


  1. Pre-cut your macramé cord based on the size of ghost you want.
  2. Bend 1 piece of cord in half and hot glue the inside of the upper 1/3rd together. Squeeze together until dry.
  3. Apply another layer of hot glue to the outer 1/3rd edge of the 1st layer.
  4. Attach your 2nd piece of cord to the outer layer of the 1st.
  5. Repeat until you achieve the width/size you would like.
  6. Cut out ghost eyes and mouth with felt & hot glue them onto the macramé ghost.
  7. Attach a string at the top for hanging.

Project cost – $12 for larger door hanger ghost. I used 7mm cord for the larger door hanger. A smaller ornament ghost would cost just a few dollars.


Ghost Bells

These bells are fun because they can be repurposed at Christmas time. I intentionally use a chalk marker to paint a ghost face & jack-o-lantern on the bells. After Halloween, I can use a wet cloth and wipe off the marker design.


  1. Pick up some gold/copper bells on Amazon. I bought a set of 4 for $18.
  2. Use a chalk marker to paint a ghost face on the bells. I bought the chalk marker at Michael’s.
  3. Attach to your wreath.

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