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Everyday Halloween Magic: 8 party tricks that will dazzle the kids

These simple party tricks will wow a crowd.

Why do we cram all the Halloween magic into three days? We have the whole month of October to capitalize on! Pull out the water bottles and lighters, vinegar and candles – we are bringing mischief and magic to everyday.

Maria Eckersley shares eight tricks that will have your kids gasping with delight. They all use common household items, so you probably won’t even need to go to the store! Every good magic trick needs a wand. Maria has a super easy tutorial for some that look like they are straight out of Harry Potter.

Find more fun ideas from Maria at, or on Instagram, @meckmomlife.


  • Is it possible to watch this segment? I’m interested in the Maria Eckersley Everyday Halloween Magic 8 Halloween tricks that will dazzle the kids. I see links to her instagram and web page but I can’t watch the Studio 5 segment.