Halloween Party Ideas for Room Mom

The classroom Halloween party is just a few weeks away, but before kids get a break from schoolwork, room parents have to do their homework.

Studio 5 has four room mom ideas for the classroom Halloween party.

Pumpkin Sucker Holder

Use a real pumpkin and drill holes all over with a power drill. Then take your suckers and stuff them in the holes. No need to even clean out the pumpkin. It doubles as a fun decoration and the kids can each pull out a sucker for a treat.

Mummy Juice Box

There are several ways to construct these cute mummy juice boxes, but my preference is with white electrical tape. This way, when you’re done, they can be placed in a bucket of ice to chill since the tape is waterproof.
Cut a 3″ piece of tape and hole-punch the top to allow your little spooks access to the contents in the juice box. Cover the rest of the top and then start taping the entire juice box starting at the bottom and twisting up in all different directions. Once completely covered, attach googly eyes. Cut another small strip to make the brow and give your mummy a little extra character. Tape the straw on the back and you’re ready to go!

Halloween S’mores Kit

Easy, inexpensive treat perfect for room moms who don’t want to spend a fortune. Can easily work for a classroom of 25-30 kids! Plus, it doubles as an activity when kids put their own bags together.

You need:
Halloween Peeps (pumpkin or ghost);
Chocolate Chips (milk chocolate);
Teddy Graham cookies or traditional Graham Crackers;
Cellophane Gift Bag/Ties
Each child gets a cellophane bag and tie, then fills it with a few peeps, a spoonful of chocolate chips and some Graham Crackers (or Teddy Grahams for younger kids). Children can eat as is, or take home to pop in microwave for real S’mores effect.

Spider Toss Game

This game is simple but requires a large area of the classroom for its set up.
You will need:
Enough spider rings for each class member;
2-3 bags of cotton webbing;
Sticky Tack;
A giant spider for the center of the web;
Masking or painter’s tape for a “start” line;
And a prize for the winner.

To assemble, stretch the cotton webbing (you can secure the corners with Sticky Tack, or you can use magnets and have it cover a classroom chalkboard and hang down to the ground) to create a large web. Position the giant spider in the center. Mark a “start” line a few feet from the web for the children to stand behind. Hand each participant a spider and have him or her throw it at the web. The winner is the child who gets a baby spider ring closest to the mom spider in the center.

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