Handmade Holiday Gifts

Craft up crazy, cute handmade gifts for everyone on your Christmas list.

Alison Faulkner from The Craft Pack shares her favorite DIY gifts you can make from the digital book, A Hip Handmade Holiday!

A Hip Handmade Holiday is a digital book with over 18 craft projects, 9 instructional videos, and over 100 printable pdfs, stickers, patterns, stencils, and gift tags.

In our book you’ll find gifts you can make for your home, gifts you can craft for your pet, gifts you can treasure for years to come, and even gifts that you can make for neighbors in 5 minutes or less. There’s literally something for everyone on your list, and you can keep the cost of supplies under $10 for each gift.

· For wooden square blocks, check out http://www.craftparts.com/wood-square-blocks-cubes-p-2644.html

· Studio 5 Viewers will receive a 20% discount on the book using Promo Code: STUDIO5

· You can purchase the book at http://shop.thecraftpack.com/product/a-hip-handmade-holiday-digital-book

For more information, check out www.thecraftpack.com.

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