Health and Wellness: Dealing with PMS

At Genesys Medical Institute, they help women deal with PMS by tackling the hormones in a different way.

There are different ways to deal with PMS. But understanding how and why it occurs can help teach how best to handle it. These are some of the most common questions dealing with PMS that doctors deal with at Genesys Medical Institute.

Q: What is PMS and why does it occur?

A: It is the monthly decrease in hormone levels which can trigger
emotional and physical symptoms in women.

Q: What are the typical symptoms?

A: Fluid retention, bloating, irritability, becoming more
emotional, weepiness etc. Also it can cause what we call dysmenorhhea, or painful cramping during the menstrual period.

Q: What is the typical treatment for women with PMS problems?

A: The typical treatment is to give a woman either birth control pills, anti-depressants or both. This can sometimes help control a few of the symptoms, but will also cause weight gain and throw the woman into other hormonal imbalances. The reason it causes weight gain is that birth control pills have high amounts of synthetic estrogen, which can significantly decrease thyroid function. Many women who are put on birth control pills become even more emotionally imbalanced and then have to resort to taking antidepressants, which can further exacerbate the weight gain problem and the other hormonal imbalances.

Q: How is the treatment @ Genesys Medical Institute any different?

A: We do not like to put women on birth control pills due to the many side effects we just talked about; and we don’t feel that that is even the correct hormone to use. BioIdentical progesterone is much safer and effective and will not cause the many hormonal imbalances that we see with birth control pills. We also like to check the thyroid levels on these women because they so often have low thyroid levels, even when previous blood tests say otherwise.

Q: Does the bioidentical progesterone have any other advantages?

A: Many! It helps the women to become emotionally more stable, helps them sleep more soundly, helps with acne, cramping, and mood swings.
It’s very beneficial and can be used on women from 14 to 100 for increase quality of life.

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