Health Mart Pharmacies: Dry Skin Remedies

Christine Jacobson with Health Mart Pharmacies, talks about dry skin remedies at your nearest pharmacy.

Dryness comes from a lack of water in your skin, not oil. According to, one way to avoid dry skin, of course, is to lubricate it. Especially after bathing, it’s important to apply a moisturizer because the tendency is for all the moisture that soaked into the skin to evaporate. If you bathe frequently, a moisturizer is doubly important. Remember, dry skin is a function of water loss, not of oil loss. For example, it’s easy to cut fingernails after they’ve been in water. That’s a good example of hydration. Moisturizers applied after the bath help keep water in the skin and therefore prevent drying.

Here are some recommendations from Health Mart along with Christine Jacobson’s best pick of the group:

1. For Regular Dry Skin –

The following are good remedies for dryness in winter or after getting out of a bath or shower:

Chamberlain lotion

Neutrogena Oil

Eucerin (cream or lotion)

Vaseline High Intensive Cream

Nivea Cream

Christine’s “Best Pick” – Chamberlain Lotion (you can add Eucerin cream or lotion after applying Chamberlain Lotion)

2. For Severe Dry Skin

The following are good remedies for severe dry skin

Bag Balm

Corn Huskers Lotion

Rex Eme Cream


Remedy Cream

Christine’s “Best Pick” – Aquaphor.

Aquaphor is a great emollient barrier to keep water in but protect from the harsh surroundings. However, for severe cracks and hard-to-repair skin, Remedy Cream by Medline is the best due to the extra ingredient added to repair tissue faster.

3. For Sensitive Skin

The following are good remedies for sensitive skin

Vani Cream


Christine’s “Best Pick” – Vani Cream –

Vani Cream contains the least amount of ingredients in the product that may cause any allergenic affects. It’s made specifically for tissue sensitive to anything. Most recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin. Comes in lotion, creams, soap, cleanser. Extremely hypo-allergenic for any type of skin.

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