Health Mart Pharmacies: Migraine Headaches

Christine Jacobson with Wasatch Health Mart Pharmacy talks about what you need to know about migraine headaches.

What triggers migraines?

1) Different people respond to different triggers:

2) Dietary (irregular meal patterns, eating sweets or starchy foods, caffeine)

3) Sleep disturbances (irregular sleep, too much or too little sleep)

4) Emotional (excitment, anger, fear, anxiety, stress)

5) Environmental (weather, bright, glaring lights, loud noise)

6) Alcohol

7) Food additives (MSG, nitrites in luncheon meats, etc)

8) Horm

Suggestions on how to decrease the incidence of migrane episodes

1) Avoid stressful situations

– learn relaxation methods

– breath, meditate, yoga, bubble bath, soothing music

2) Avoid toxins

– certain perfumes, air pollutants, smoke, insecticides

3) Know what you eat/drink

– preservatives

– milk, eggs, beef w/hormones

– eat organic

-filtered water not in plastic bottles

4) Know body’s hormone imbalances

-mostly estrogen dominant and synthetic progestins will trigger migraine episodes (try to balance hormones)

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