HealthMart Pharmacies: Children and Drug Accidents

Dan Barton with Taylor Drug, your neighborhood HealthMart Pharmacy, in American Fork, joins us today with some very important tips you need to know your child and drugs.

There are several incidents of drug overdoses with children throughout Utah and the United States. Parents need to be vigilant in protecting their children. These statistics do not represent illegal drug activity, but everyday and common uses for colds, flu and aches and pains in children.

Hear are some important tips that parents need to understand about drugs and children:

#1 Children’s bodies metabolize drugs differently than adults

a. drugs may be used many years before problems are realized, i.e. Reyes Syndrome

b. Many OTC’s have not be thoroughly tested in children

c. OTC’s may expose them to harmful effects

#2 Understand what the correct dose should be

a. although doses are expressed in age ranges on labels, age is not the best criterion for giving drugs

b. children vary in size, so use weight to determine OTC dosage

#3 Read the label. If label doesn’t give full instructions, do not guess

a. when in doubt, always ask a pharmacist or health provider

#4 Many children’s medicines come in liquid form. Be careful what you use to administer

a. some children will drink liquid while mom is administering drug to other sick child

b. don’t administer with a kitchen teaspoon (Dan will demonstrate difference using teaspoon and correct dosage)

c. Use a measuring spoon, cylindrical or oral syringe (may show how oral syringe can be used; Be sure to remove cap or child may choke by propelling it into windpipe

d. Use measuring device that’s attached to package

#5 Be careful when mixing OTC’s with prescription drugs

a. both drugs may contain double doses (acetaminophen in both, will give child overdose of otherwise healthy acetaminophen

b. OTC’s do not treat serious disorders an can make them worse

c. Always consult pharmacist or doctor whenever taking any drugs

Thanks to Dan Barton with Taylor Drug, your Healthmart Pharmacy in American Fork. HealthMart pharmacies are locally owned community pharmacies, offering the special care and service you can only get from a member of your community. Visit Taylor Drug in American Fork at 76 North 1100 East. Call them at (801) 756-4021