HealthMart Pharmacies: Following Doctor’s Orders

Hal Roe with Wangsgard and Valley HealthMart Pharmacies talks about two major problems many of us have when taking drugs: food interactions and not taking medications as prescribed.

What are some important facts you need to know to avoid these dangerous situations? There are two important ideas: first, food and drug Interactions and, second, taking medications on time and as directed

#1 Food-Drug Interactions:

What is a drug-food interaction?

– Drug food interactions happen when the food you eat affects the ingredients in a medicine you are taking so the medicine cannot work the way it should.

– Drug food interactions can happen with both prescription and over-the-counter meds, including antacids, vitamins and iron pills.

Are all medicines affected by food?

– Not all meds are affected by food

– But many can be affected by what you eat adn when you eat it –

– For example, taking some meds at same time you eat may interfere with the way your stomach and intestines absorb the meds

– Food may delay or decrease the absorption of the drug

– This is why some meds should be taken on an empty stomach (1 hour before eating or 2 hours after eating)

Facts to remember about drug-food interactions (demonstrate on some popular drugs)

– Read the prescription label on the container. If you dont’ understand something, ask doctor or pharmacist

– Read all directions, warning and interaction precautions printed on medicine labels and packages.

– Even over-the counter meds can cause problems –

– Take meds with a full glass of water, unless your doctor tells you differently –

– Don’t stir meds into your food or take capsules apart (unless doctor tells you to) becasue this may change the way the drugs work –

– Don’t take vitamin pills at the same time you take meds because vitamins and minerals can cause problems if taken with some drugs –

– Don’t mix medicine into hot drinks because the heat may keep the drug from working. –

– Never take medicine with alcoholic drinks.

#2 Taking Medications on Time:


– your body’s metabolism may react with the drug and how fast our bodies break it down

– to keep the optimal amount in your system to do what is needed

– take some meds at bedtime because it may make you drowsy if taken during the day

– cholesterol drugs taken at night are better because more blood goes thru liver to help assimilate drug better


– Medication Chart can be provided by your HealthMart pharmacist

– Do you have a timer to remind you (available at drug store)

– Get a med organizer …

– Make sure it is ok to put pills in another container (instead of the amber containers)… find out if it will lose effectiveness and breakdown

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