Healthy Summer Entertaining

Lifestyle expert, Amy Sewall shares the tips and tricks that make outdoor eating healthier than ever.

1. Watch Portions – Savor delectable lean steaks, fish and poultry from the grill, but make sure they are perfectly-portioned with these gourmet meats. You can even check out detailed nutrition info online before ordering!

2. Food Scoops – Keep portions in check when baking or serving ice cream and other foods with these food scoops in four different sizes. (new)

3. Healthy Frozen Yogurt – The powerful Vita-Mix blender and food processor enables you to eat nutritiously by using whole foods in your recipes. Prepare juices with whole fruits, grind whole grains, knead bread dough, and more. To show the power of the machine, I’ll quickly make a batch of healthy frozen yogurt using only frozen fruit and yogurt – the perfect treat for a warm summer afternoon or evening!

4. Color-Coded Cutting Boards – Avoid cross-contamination by keeping meats and poultry separate from fruits and veggies with this set of four color-coded mats.

5. Sensor Soap Dispenser – Avoid spreading germs with a motion-activated soap dispenser that includes a light that blinks for 20 seconds to remind you to wash hands thoroughly. Great to have on-hand when preparing meats for grilling!

6. Wireless BBQ Thermometer – Make sure meats are cooked to a safe temperature on the grill or in the oven with a thermometer that has four doneness settings for beef, poultry, seafood, pork and more.

7. 4-Piece BBQ Tool Set – Use grill tools with extra-long handles to prevent burns and accidents. This set includes a handy and stylish carrying case.

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