High School Fundraisers with Dr. Tim

Dr. Tim Hollingshead from Brazil Botanicals explains how it can happen thanks to ISO-5 drinks.

The program stems from using cutting edge ISO-5 drinks which use young coconut water to help cut thirst and provide more benefits than traditional sports drinks.

1) One 8-oz serving of Dr. Tim’s ISO-5 out-performs eight to ten servings of any of the leading brand sports drinks

2) Dr. Tim’s ISO-5 is a natural isotonic beverage which means it has the same level of electrolyte balance as your own blood

3) Dr. Tim’s ISO-5 has less sodium and more potassium per serving than any of the leading sports drinks

4) Dr. Tim’s ISO-5 is the only action/sports drink with all five necessary electrolytes

5) Dr. Tim’s ISO-5 is the only truly thirst-quenching action/sports drink available

6) Dr. Tim’s ISO-5 fights off muscle cramps more efficiently and more effectively than any of the leading action/sports drinks

7) Dr. Tim’s ISO-5 contains naturally occurring medium chained triglycerides which actively promote weight loss.

The new program allows high schools to raise funds by simply using ISO-5 drinks. There is no need to go door-to-door selling anything. Some schools even benefit from putting the drinks in their school vending machines. It’s possible for schools to raise up to $35,000 a year from taking part in the school fund raising.
In order to learn more about the school fundraising program, you can contact:

Jim Pennington

Program Director

435-628-3005 or toll free at 1-877-362-8467

e-mail: drtim@drtimsjuices.com

To learn more about the complete line of drinks from Brazil Botanicals, you can visit http://brazilbotanicals.com/

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