Hike of the week: Silver Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon


Today we’re taking you to the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon to Silver Lake. The trailhead for this hike is at the Solitude Nordic Center just prior to Brighton Ski Area.

This hike is a real myth buster. It puts to rest any excuse you may have for not getting out into the great outdoors. First it is a myth that you must drive hours to get to some wonderful hiking areas. If you live in the Salt Lake Valley, In less than 30 minutes you can go from Freeway entrance to trailhead.

Second, it is a myth that only outdoorsy people can tackle hiking. This particular hike is set up so virtually anyone can enjoy it. There are wide walkways that are wheelchair accessible and the trails are well groomed making it easy to negotiate. And the surroundings are second to none.

Families can gather together to enjoy a picnic before tackling the trails, and all along the path there are places to look out over the lake. The fishing at this lake is excellent and many anglers find great success.

If you take the trail all the way around the lake it is about a mile in length. This short hike is perfect for people wishing to go to a mountain lake without having to traverse great distances. There are also other hikes in the area that can take you into more challenging terrain. This trail map shows you other hikes that are in this area. And there is plenty of wildlife at the lake as well. In fact, the surrounding area is home to a large moose. And right now you will also find an abundance of wildflowers in the area.

This hike is perfect for just about anyone.

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