Hilary Weeks’ New Song for Her “Live All In” Project

She sings out life’s troubles and joys in moving melodies that speak to the heart.

Hilary Weeks shares insight behind one of her new songs.


“Life is busy for all of us and we forget to pause, be still and find time to connect with God. Moments of stillness keep us from feeling frantic and frazzled and help us stay focused on what is most important. I believe this product will be a great blessing, month after month, to women all over the world who love using music as a means of finding stillness, embracing life and being the best version of themselves.

I have written 12 brand new songs. Each song was written with the intent to encourage and uplift – the songs are reminders that we matter and what we do is important. Starting January 1, 2019 through December 1, 2019, on the first day of each month, people who have purchased the Live All In Toolkit will have access to…

-A brand new Hilary Weeks song

-Instrumental track

-A worksheet/song study that allows one to expand on and learn more about the theme of that song

-Sheet music

-Beautifully designed lyrics

-A meme of that song

-And other surprises such as a live video performance, behind the scenes footage of how the song was created, music videos, ringtones, coloring pages, or digital greeting card with lyrics from the new song.

This is a power-packed toolkit designed to inspire and motivate as well as encourage people to push pause and create stillness.

If these items were purchased individually, the cost would be somewhere between $10-15 per month. The cost of the Live All In Toolkit is $49 for the year during the promotional period, which equates to only $4 per month!

Anyone who purchases the Live All In Toolkit before January 1st 2019, will immediately receive a brand new Christmas song, instrumental track, sheet music, song study, lyrics and meme for the Christmas song! This would make the perfect Christmas gift and so the purchase also includes a digital download certificate to put under the tree for the recipient to open Christmas morning. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! The person who receives the Live All In Toolkit will be so excited to see it become available to them every month in 2019!

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