hocus pocus spell book

Put the Hocus Pocus spell book on your shelf! Here’s how to create this spooky prop

You can make a Hocus Pocus spell book yourself!

You don’t have to be a Hocus Pocus movie fan to know – there is one fun Halloween accessory to have on your shelf. It’s a DIY version of the movie prop: a so-called witches spell book, bound in leather, complete with scars, snakes, and an eyeball in relief.

Celeste Whitney shares the instructions for how to make one.

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Hocus Pocus Spell Book Downloads

Book Template


How to Draw Eyelids


How to Draw Quick & Easy Eyeball

Life Potion Spell



Celeste Whitney is a former Studio 5 creative contributor with a flair for a homemade way to make things beautiful. She is always drawn to a project that no one else is doing – making her crafts and DIYs totally innovative and intriguing. Celeste is a home school mom, who has a flair for elevating the everyday in simple ways. Find and follow Celeste on Instagram @sevenloops.

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