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Ironwood Custom Builders

Steve Wille and Kelly Anderson of Ironwood Custom Builders combine for almost 55 years of residential construction experience; both being recognized as leaders in the industry.

Steve Wille started in the construction industry in 1976 in New Jersey before moving to Utah in 1977. Steve continued to work construction in Utah before starting Supreme Drywall in1995. Since then Steve has been recognized as one of the top drywall contractors in the state receiving honors in the Parade of Homes for “Best Drywall” and then “Subcontractor of the Year” by the nations largest production home builder. Steve also takes the time to give back to the community, as a contributor to the Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build.

Kelly Anderson started building cabinets when he was 14. Through high school and college he started several businesses building cabinets, mailboxes, and a landscape maintenance company with his brother. After earning a degree in Building Construction he started his 4th company as a framing contractor and starting building homes two years after that. Kelly has been building award winning homes ever since including “Best of Show” in the 2003 Parade of Homes.

Kelly is heavily involved with the Salt Lake Home Builders Association serving as a Board Member since 2002 and as an Executive Committee Member since 2007. He has also been active with Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build projects, building homes in less than 96 hours for low income families.

Besides receiving dozens of awards for his Parade homes, he was the recipient of the “Golden Hammer” award for dedication and commitment to the home building industry along with the “Spence Greer Volunteer of the Year” award by Habitat for Humanity.

For more information, visit www.ironwoodcustombuilders.com or visit them at Home Show Daily


Coming from the Real Estate industry, we were obsessed with finding an economical and effective way to renew bathroom surfaces to make the home more sellable. Putting our talents in manufacturing, carpentry, antique car restoration and business management together, my four sons and I created a perfect solution bathroom restoration company.

In 1979, we started a refinishing company that could re-glaze bathtubs, sinks, ceramic tiles, countertops, appliances and even kitchen cabinets to save homeowners, like yourself, the mess and high cost of conventional replacement. With the help of two chemists, we created re-glazing products that not only renews your original surface with a beautiful glaze, but also create the strongest bond available.

It felt so good saving the homeowners in Salt Lake City, Utah thousands of dollars and lots of time over traditional bathroom remodeling. Before long, we broadened our horizon. In 1985, we began franchising our products across the United States and Canada.

With a strong commitment to growth and high quality products and services, which really save the homeowner time and money, we have expanded our services to manufacturing acrylic bathtub and shower liners. With much effort, difficulty, and lots of money, we began manufacturing acrylic bath systems that can be installed right over the existing bathroom fixtures without the mess and high cost of demolition. We decided that we would not just settle for the industry standard. So, through our concerted effort to be the best, we invented a process that is second to none.

For more information, visit www.bathcrest.com

Both of these home improvement specialists can be found at Home Show Daily, www.homeshowdaily.com or at389 W 1830 So, SLC (801) 326-0480.

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