Home Remodeling made easy as 1-2-3

Laura Wolford from Custom Countertops shares five simple tips to make remodeling your home a great experience.

1. Get the Bid
This is free. If you have cabinet layouts, they are helpful, if not they will measure, calculate and give you bid.

2. Imagine the Possibilities – Choosing the Stone

This is the fun part. There are so many different stones to choose from: Granite, Soapstone, Travertine, Marble, Siltstone, and Exotic Stones (such as Onyx). Try and pick one that matches your design style. Do you like ornate objects? Do you like clean lines and simple patterns? Do you enjoy vintage items and antiques? Do you lean toward modern and contemporary furnishings? There are stones that compliment each of these styles.

Here’s a simple list of stones to get you started:


Kitchen Laundry Bath Flooring Fireplace











Siltstone Marble Marble Soapstone

3. Define the Details

Now you get to choose an edge for your counter. There is flat polish, ogee, demi bull nose, chiseled, cascade (often known as pencil) just to name a few.

Other details you want to be thinking about are your sinks and faucets. Under mount sinks are the most popular when putting stone in your home. The stone will flow smoothly down into the sink. It’s beautiful and makes for easy cleaning. What about backsplashes? You might choose a granite backsplash, or perhaps you like the contrast of tile.

4. Complete Your Vision

Consider cabinetry as a component of design. If you’re doing a remodel of countertops only, perhaps you’ll want to just clean up the existing cabinets – that’s okay. If you’re doing an extensive remodel then definitely take the time to consider what options are available with cabinetry.

5. Ask Questions

What makes a good seam? What do I need to know about sealers? What about cleaning my stone? Make sure you get all of your questions answered before making a final decision.

Laura Wolford with Custom Counter Tops is a great source for information about home remodeling. To get more information, you can contact them:

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