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Frantz Ostmanm, from Home Show Daily and Home Coach explains how the new concept in shopping can save time and money.

Homeowners looking for home improvement, remodeling and new construction ideas won’t find any selling going on at the newest Home Show Daily home design and remodeling show.

Every one of the over 150 home and garden exhibition booths in a massive 25,000 sq. ft. exhibition hall run by Home Show Daily will be unmanned, and on permanent display Monday through Saturday. Admission will always be free.

“Home Show Daily is where homeowners can come to get ideas for remodeling their home or for new construction and not be pressured to buy,” says, Jim Sparling, Home Show Daily’s CEO and President.

What Home Show Daily has done, in effect, is take the selling out of selling and replace it with friendly, valuable and accessible information. Providing design and remodeling ideas to the consumer and allowing them to make design choices free from sales pressure is the overriding concept.

“At a home and garden show, nothing turns off a homeowner more than some pushy, gabby salesman tugging your ear, trying to get you to sign up or buy something right there on the spot.” says Mr. Sparling. “We’re certainly not going to have any of that here.”

Instead of salespeople, all vendors, from kitchen remodelers, landscapers, home theater installers, to pool and patio suppliers, and every home and garden supplier in between, will place in their mini-showrooms an extensive array of printed materials, and in many cases, interactive audio-visual consoles, to help explain and educate the visitor about the vendor’s product or service.

“We want visitors to stroll from one booth to another at their own pace, and fully explore and sample the features and benefits each vendor has to offer in a relaxed, comfortable and inviting atmosphere,” says Mr. Sparling. “That way they can concentrate on viewing the products and services offered-and not on avoiding the salesman.”

Sales help though is always a phone call away. If, after viewing, reading and handling a vendor’s wares, a homeowner still has questions, or would like to make an immediate appointment or place an order, each booth has a phone with a direct line to the vendor’s off-site store.

The new showroom is located just north of 2100 South, off of I-15. As you drive north along I-15 you will notice it in the same shopping center as Zurcher’s and just north of the Home Depot.

Home Show Daily also encourages people to become their own contractor with the Home Coach program.

You CAN build your own home and eliminate the extra costs associated with hiring a general contractor – even if you’ve never had any form of home building experience. Most people overlook the option of managing their own home construction because it simply seems too difficult, or they feel they lack the background, time, or know-how to do it successfully.

THE TRUTH IS, with HomeCoach owner builder program, managing your home construction project can be as easy as paint-by-numbers. With current market conditions, now is the time to think serious about improving your financial position by becoming an owner-builder. Interest rates are at an all time low and subcontractors are struggling to keep their best crews busy. Owner-builders can expect to create $30,000 to $100,000 in equity.

How to Move In With Thousands In Equity – Most HomeCoach owner builders complete their new home construction project at $30,000 to $100,000 below the appraised market value.

How to Put Your Money Towards Upgrades – Work directly with subcontractors and eliminate general contractors mark-up.

How to Get The BEST Subcontractor Pricing – With new construction at a virtual standstill, HomeCoach can easily assist you in negotiating excellent pricing with subcontractors who are trying to keep their best crews busy.

How You Can Use Homeshow Daily to Find Everything You Need For Your New Home – With no salespeople at Homeshow Daily, you’ll be able to browse 150 permanent showroom displays in a near-football-stadium sized showroom, with never a pain-in-the-keister salesperson tugging on your ear, hounding you to buy.

How To Take Advantage Of Current Market Conditions – With construction loans currently at 4%, and mortgage loans at all time lows, now is the perfect time to start your project. Homecoach will walk you through every step of the financing to help you get into your dream home.

Put Yourself In The Drivers Seat – As an owner builder you will enjoy complete control of the process. You will have freedom to make design suggestions, and modify things as you go.

For more information, you can visit their website at www.homeshowdaily.com/homecoach.

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