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Make your home tell a story. Here are 5 pieces of advice from a woman who did just that

You can make your home tell a story by adding personal touches.

How do you stay true to design that is uniquely you? The advice you often hear from design experts is to infuse your personality into your home, filling it with the things you love. You want your home to tell a story. How do you find and create your story?

Brittany Jepsen shares her story of personalizing her home – and tips on how to personalize your home with your personal heritage.

Find more inspiration from Brittany on Instagram, @houselarsbuilt.


Brittany Watson Jepsen is known for colorful, original papercrafted home and party decor, incredible textiles, graphic art prints, and interior design details. Her tastemaker projects have influenced the explosion of balloon arches, rainbow color palates and all kinds of party décor and accents. Brittany authored Craft the Rainbow in 2018. She holds a Master’s degree in interior design. She is mother to two boys. She currently lives in her newly renovated colonial in Provo, Utah, which was featured on the Magnolia Network.

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