donuts from a can

Homemade donuts from a can!? Here’s how to fancify this super simple recipe

The Halloween treat we can’t get enough of? Donuts from a can!

Homemade donuts are a Halloween staple. However, they are very time intensive. If you aren’t feeling a whole day of baking and frying, pull out your trusty can of Pillsbury dough!

Amy Richardson shares the easiest recipe for donuts ever. In true Amy fashion, she shares some mystical toppings to dress them up, and a mess free way to pile on the sugar.

Find the recipe on Amy’s website, Find her on Instagram, @greattastebuds.


So Simple Halloween Donuts with Spooky Dusting Sugars

  • Individual bags
  • Oil for frying
  • Pillsbury Flaky Layer Biscuits

Dusting Sugars:

  • Jack o Lantern Spice
  • Mystic Vanilla Moon
  • Coconut Cat
  • Spicy Black Zombie
  • Midnight Mystery ?
  • Cinna~monster

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