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Hot Glue 101: Here’s how to use 10 different glue guns

There are so many different kinds of hot glue guns out there!

Our girlfriend Darcie Liptrot  has 10 glue guns, all different, and she uses every single one. Turns out an arsenal of glue guns might be truly helpful!

Darcie clues us in on the glue.

Find more ideas from Darcie on Instagram, @darciedoesstuff.


Hot Glue Guns and What They’re Good For

1. ProjectMate Cordless Rechargeable Glue Gun, Westcott

$79.99, JoAnn’s fabric

This is the Rolls Royce of Hot Glue Guns, has a lithium battery that lasts for hours on a single charge.


2. Glue Skillet Mini and Pro, Surebonder

Mini $9.99, Pro $39.99, Hobby Lobby

Glue pellets $9.99 per 1Lb bag

A floral arranger’s dream tool.


3. Hot Glue Pen, Westcott

$19.99, JoAnn’s

This little wonder is perfect for more intricate craft work. I love it for wood lettering!


4. Ergonomic Thumb-fed Trigger Glue Gun, AdTech

$2.78, Walmart

This little gem is makes glue gunning easier for those with arthritic hands.


5. Foam STIK, Surebonder

$7.99, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby

Foam STIK Glue Sticks $2.99

This low-temperature gun is ideal for bonding delicate materials like Styrofoam, laces, foils etc.


6. Cordless Budget Glue Guns, various brands

$7.99, Amazon

Great all-around guns for everyday crafting with the no-cord convenience.


7. Wax Seal Gun, The Paperie Shoppe

$8.99 gun, Wax $5.99, Hobby Lobby

This baby is so much fun! Create your own custom seals for letters, packages and more!

There are also plenty of accessories to personalize your projects with. Glue comes in all strengths, colors, and even glow-in-the-dark! There are no-string varieties, specialty glues for fabrics, metals, wood and more.

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