Hot Homes of Utah: TimberTech for Your Deck

If your deck is showing its age, it’s time you called Peter Stuart with TimberTech and see what he can do for you and your old worn out deck.

Since TimberTech is a composite (including re-cycled wood, which makes it a “green” product), Timbertech decks aren’t just beautiful, they won’t rot, warp or splinter.

They are extremely low maintenance, and come with a 25 year-warranty. That’s because you don’t have to repair or replace planks each year. You don’t have to stain the deck each year and you don’t have to replace the entire deck for every few years.

TimberTech saves you time and money. And it’s safer for families with children. There’s no splinters and no nails sticking up (so no emergency room visits to stitch up the cuts on your foot).

These decks also add to the value of the home. And they come in all kinds of different colors and grain patterns.

Watch a special feature this Saturday at 5 PM on Timber Tech on Hot Homes of Utah and for more information, visit their website at

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