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How to Display Small Fine Art: 5 pieces and where to place them

Small fine art can make a big impact.

Even in the biggest home, there is a place for small art. Each scene, each frame, becomes a wonderful, versatile decorating piece.

Local art curator Emi Dalton, of Emi & Co. Art, shares a lesson in small art appreciation.

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Benefits of Small Fine Art Pieces

Affordability. Small art usually comes with a smaller price tag. You can find art that speaks to your heart, even on a tight budget.

Versatility. Small paintings can be moved around more easily, from shelf to table, and even displayed in multiples on a gallery wall.

Beauty is in the Details. Tiny treasures force the artist to hone their attention to the minute details, and invite us as collectors to take a closer look at the composition, brushstrokes and color balance. A small work of art demands near perfect skills from the artist.

Small works are perfect displayed on an entry table, paired on a larger gallery wall or as a focal point of a room. They are guaranteed to beautify, personalize, add vibrancy, and set the tone for the room or whole home.

“Small but mighty” is true when it comes to original art!

All it takes is one tiny treasure, or original piece of art, to become a collector! Emi Dalton says she started Emi & Co. Art because she believes beautiful, original art should be accessible in every stage of life. Connect with Emi on Instagram at @emiandco and new website at!

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