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Here’s how to beat the top 3 stresses of family pictures

You might as well call fall the season of family pictures. A lot of stress tends to come with that photo shoot, but these strategies will help make that day run smoothly.

Veronica Miehlke shares three ways to take the stress out of family photos.

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The Top 3 Stresses of Family Pictures and How to Beat Them

1. Too Much Money

Don’t keep the budget a secret right up until the day of the session. This is something you should talk about from the beginning. Decide how much you’re willing to spend, and then do your research. There are photographers in all kinds of price ranges. When you talk to them, make sure there are no hidden fees. Ask lots of questions!

2. I’m Not in Ideal Shape Right Now

Maybe you or your husband want to lose just those few extra pounds, or you want to wait until your child gets their braces off. There’s always going to be an excuse. There’s never a perfect time for family photos. Tell your photographer what your self-conscious about. A good one will pose you in a way that is flattering.

3. What to Wear

You don’t necessarily want to go and buy all new outfits, so ask yourself, “do we have room in the budget for all new clothes?” If not, take three or four colors out of your closet and see what looks good together. Start with mom! Make sure she’s in something she’s comfortable and confidant in, and let everything else rotate around that.

Color-wise, a safe place to aim for is three or four colors. Not all blues or all pastels, but mix it up a little bit. Add in some prints too!

If you have little kids, take their clothes in the car and get there a couple minutes early to change. That way they don’t get wrinkly or dirty on the way to the location.

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