How to Build Backyard Play Structures with PVC

Amber Anderson, the Fix-It Chick, shares how to create great toys for your kids with plastic plumbing pipes.

Studio 5 shares cutting and fitting dimensions for three DIY projects.

Supplies you will need:

PVC pipes and PVC Lock fittings

Tools used in above video

Bike Wash: 2 PVC-Lock Elbows; 2 PVC-Lock Tees

Bike Rack: 6 PVC-Lock Elbows; 10 PVC-Lock Tees

Ladder Golf: 6 PVC-Lock Elbows; 6 PVC-Lock Tees

You can buy PVC lock fittings at:

Home Depot.

Orbit Irrigation.

For lengths and demensions of featured structures see Orbit Irrigation’s website.

Orbit Irrigation recommends only cold-water outdoor use for this product.

Avoid inserting fingers/foreign objects into the fitting because of its sharp teeth.

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