How to Create a Gallery Wall

The gallery wall is popping up all over the blogosphere. Made up of an eclectic mix of photos, memorabilia and artwork, they make an eye-catching statement piece.

Studio 5 Contributor, Cari Stevenson says you can score this look in a few achievable steps.

1. Keep it simple.

If you are attempting your first gallery wall, look for frames with simple shapes and work within a single color. As you become more comfortable you can start mixing different frame styles and finishes to create a more eclectic look. To accomplish this well, you really need to have a good editing eye or this look can become sloppy.

2. Plan your layout.

After you have your frames, create your layout. I find the best way to create your design is by tracing every frame using butcher paper or wrapping paper. You can then move your “frames” around with blue painters tape. I also like to use painters tape as the spacing between frames. It comes in all sizes and is an easy way to create equal spacing.

3. Make it memorable.

This is the key to creating a unique gallery wall. Frame things that mean something to you such as a childhood book, a blessing dress, a vacation photo, or a key to your first home.

4. Make your own art.

You can create your own artwork from a favorite quote, maps of the places you have
visited, or even from your family’s fingerprints.

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