How to Edit Your Closet

We’ve all heard the excuses. In fact, we’ve all made the excuses! From “as soon as I lose a few pounds, it will fit perfectly” to “I will wear that someday” – our closets are out of control.

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone helps us perform our own closet edit, by sharing her six tips for the ultimate closet clean-out.

We all have skeletons in the closet. By skeletons, I mean those items of clothing that take up space but rarely-if ever-make it into one of our outfits. Perhaps not the right size, perhaps the color is a little off, perhaps the fit is not quite right, or perhaps there are better options that call out to us. Whatever the reason, it is time to let go of the items that consume our time, hold us back and clutter our lives.

What you wear translate into how you feel, how you act and how others respond to you. By letting go of the ordinary, you free up room for the extraordinary. To make sure you reflect the extraordinary woman that you are, create only the best choices in the first place you start your day-your closet.

Rule #1`: You are what you wear.

Superficial? Shallow? No, Science. Psychology. And Etiquette. It is a simple, subconscious action that we assess qualities of an individual by their appearance. This action has been proven and studied by Harvard and Duke University. How you look affects the way you feel, act, think and most importantly how other respond to you. According to a Harvard study on the importance of image: “Want to improve your paycheck? Improve your image”. Image communicates. What is your image saying?

The majority of the choices in your closet should make you feel fabulous when you wear them. You will always compromise the way you feel by wearing something that is too small/large, a color not right for you, uncomfortable, or with rips, stains, snags or dated.

Rule #2: Three Times a Charm

If you have an item/items in your closet that you have picked up and put back three separate times, it is time to let it go. Most of us have natural instincts that tell us what looks nice and polished and what looks sloppy and unattractive. Those items that are taking up room in your closet but that don’t suit your body type today, your personal style today or your lifestyle today are blocking progression to the best you of today. No matter how old or new it is, if it does not serve the goal of creating a fantastic you, it does not belong in your closet.

Rule #3: If the shoe doesn’t fit…

Feet don’t shrink. Feet do stink. Shoes should accommodate both.

If you have shoes that hurt your feet, pass them along to someone who could benefit and make room for a new pair. You don’t have to replace them right away. By clearing out the space of shoes that don’t work, you will be more conscious of how to replace them with shoes that do work. If you have shoes that make your feet stink, it is time to surrender them as their inner fabric protection has expired and they could be offensive to those around you.

Rule #4: T-Shirts get two years.

Are you harboring a fugitive in the form of a t-shirt that is strained, stretched, faded color or unraveling hemline? All or just one of these crimes indicates the end is here. Give it up. Surrender. In addition, remember, cotton t-shirts have at the max a two year life if worn and washed frequently. If it’s too short, or under or oversized let someone else enjoy it and make your wardrobe choices easier by replacing it with a tee that you love every single time you put it on.

Rule #5: Fix it, or forget it.

An earring missing its back? A necklace with a broken clasp? A bracelet that is stretched or missing baubles? Clear them out. It takes mental space to track what needs fixing and what is wearable. If you love it, fix it this week. If it is mediocre, forget it and donate it. Jewelry can be more than an accessory. It can be the ultimate finishing touch to the perfect outfit or the epic fail to remember. Choose wisely J

Rule #6: What’s underneath matters most.

Consider this a great time to assess your undergarments-including socks. Throw out any socks that are worn, holey or that were purchased white and are now a lovely shade of green. Remember that a great bra is the best foundation to shape any outfit. Make sure the straps are not stretched and consider a bra fitting to make sure your figure hasn’t changed. Again, anything cotton that is worn frequently needs to be replaced. Undergarments fit this rule perfectly.

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