How to Fix a Décor Dilemma

You have art on your walls, accent decor on the tables, but something doesn’t feel quite right.
Studio 5 Contributor Lauren Oviatt is the décor doctor, ready to diagnose and prescribe solutions.

Five questions to ask when your room doesn’t feel right:

Do I have a point of interest?
The phrase “focal point” is almost over-used in the industry, but it is a very important part of any design in every single room. Without an area of interest, your eye is confused and the design can feel sloppy. Like wise, with too many points of interest you might go crazy! Choose to play up your fireplace with a pretty piece of artwork or use a picture window framed out with drapery to draw attention to your beautiful view.

Are my furniture pieces to scale?
One of the first problems I diagnose for new clients is the problem of overscaled furniture. The ‘tuscan’ era of style really did a lot of people in. The problem with overscaled sofas and chairs are that you become stuck keeping pieces where they are, which is usually in awkward spaces. It also rarely leaves room for side tables and other accent pieces and accessories that add such a great finish to a room.

Is the furniture placement working to my advantage?
Once you have the scale of your pieces down, figure out how you use the space. Even though your tv may be the main focus, try to create a gouping where conversation can take place, which means putting seats across from each other. In tv rooms sometimes you end up with all types of furniture running along the back wall like a theater. Not ideal and not pretty.

Is the space tidy and free of clutter?
Before you spend a dime or become stressed out about your design dilemmas, just tidy up! Stacks of books or magazines need to be in bookshelves, neatly arranged, or discarded. The same goes with blankets and pillows. Fold blankets and place them in a beautiful basket next to the sofa and give those pillows a good fluff.

Am I hanging on to something I hate?
As evidenced by some of the pictures we showed on screen… many of them would have been improved by the “less is more” approach. If you moved into a space where existing pieces were left behind or you have inherited things over the years that you really don’t love – please get rid of them. Your spaces will make you feel much happier if they are a reflection of your personality and things that mean something to you.

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