How to Highlight & the Illusion of Illuminators

How to Highlight & the Illusion of Illuminators

Radiant. Luminous. Glowing. Fresh. Are there really products that can capture this magic? According to Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone – absolutely!

Radiant. Luminous. Glowing. Vibrant. Illuminate. Bright. Dewy. Fresh. Youthful. Healthy. Is there a difference between highlighting, reflecting light and softening light on the skin? Are there really products that can capture this magic? Of course! If it’s sheen, shimmer or sun-kissed you’re after, it’s all about the right product, with the right finish, applied in the right area. With these special effects, you won’t believe your eyes. The basic steps to light up your skin really are as easy as 1-2-3:

1) Product

These types of products typically come in either a cream, lotion or powder format.

2) Finish

Each product will vary the overall appearance of luminous skin by 3 different finishes.

3) Apply/Effect

Strategic placement of the right product will capture the light as per the finish and yield a “special effect”


1) Product:

Illuminator Benefit High Beam Sephora, $24 (Limited edition Minis $15!)

Highlighter ELF All Over Stick,, $1.00

2) Finish: Shine- healthy, dewy, fresh, illuminate

3) Apply/Effect: Highlighting-achieved by placing small amount of product in small areas to manipulate attention:

· high plane of cheekbones

· collar bone

· down the bridge of your nose

· under brow bones

· above brows

· inner corner of your eye

· center of bottom lip and on cupid’s bow

*Tip: Use silver “pearlized” to cool skin tone and gold “pearlized” to warm skin tone


1) Product:

Powder Sonia Kashuk Shimmer Powder, $9.99

Lotion Olay Quench Daily Lotion Plus Shimmer, Walgreens $6.99

2) Finish: Shimmer-sparkle, luminous, bright

3) Apply/Effect: Reflecting light-bouncing back a large amount of light for an all-over glow

· high plane of cheekbones

· neck and décolleté

· all over arms and legs

*Tip: Be cautious as shimmer particles can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles


1) Product:

Color Softener: Dandelion Bene Color- Luminizing Powder, Ulta $28

Bronzer: Wet N Wild Bronze Powder, Smith’s,$3.99

2) Finish: A radiant, youthful and vibrant glow.

3) Apply/Effect: Softener-minimizing the light to grab attention with color


· buff over cheek bone, across forehead, down nose, across chin

· sweep across forehead and chin only

· buff over entire complexion, down onto neck

· sweep across hollow of collar bone

· dab into hollow of cheeks, lightly dust entire cheek area

*Tip: Adding too much color to a lighter complexion can look unnatural

Bonus Product Picks:


Note: Most bronzing powders have shimmer powder in them which would be great for someone with younger skin. If you have the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, a bronzer with shimmer can accentuate fine lines and draw attention to problematic skin. Opt for a matte bronzer.


Dehydrated skin will automatically lack luster. Use this spray any time of day for a natural way to hydrate the skin and restore its glow. This spray has the best ingredients normally found in heavy creams. It will allow your skin to rejuvenate with a water based moisturizer containing NAPCA, Elastin, Collagen, and Sodium Hyaluronate in a pure (iodized) water base.

Moisture Spray $8.50

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