How to Make Faux Florals look Lifelike

If you can’t grow it, fake it! There’s no shame in embracing faux florals this season, because no one will know the difference!

Floral Designer Leslie Nelson from the Emporium at Thanksgiving Point shares her silk flower secrets.

To get your faux floral arrangement started, make sure you have the right tools. You’ll need floral tape, dry oasis, moss, wire, hot glue gun, wire cutters and scissors and a knife.

GET CREATIVE WITH CONTAINERS – Containers are important for the style and design of the piece. Think outside the box and find unusual containers, or embellish an old wreath to create a new look. Use and old basket or make one out of chicken wire and fill with silks and hang on your front door and change for each season. Be creative and have fun with it.

INVEST IN GOOD SILK FLOWERS – For creating a realistic and beautiful long lasting silk arrangement, do not use cheap flowers. Spend a little more and get good quality flowers. The more realistic the flowers are, the nicer the arrangement will be and the longer it will last. The price range for quality, long-lasting silk flowers range from $5-$18. We don’t recommend using flowers from the dollar store. The best places to find good quality silks are at a wholesale house, but you need to have an account so the best place is at your favorite retail flower shop or craft store. Good silks can be a little spendy but worth it in the end. The Emporium at Thanksgiving Point has a great selection of silk flowers.

USE REAL FLOWER COLORS – Try to avoid silk flowers that are not true to flowers colors that actually grow. (e.g blue roses: Have you ever seen a real blue rose? Probably not, so avoid those flowers.)

ELONGATE STEMES FOR CONTRAST – You can create longer stems by adding a stick or stem to a shorter flower with florist tape and wire.

USE BLOOMING BRANCHES FOR HEIGHT –Sometimes you can even add some real branches from your yard.

DUST AND CHANGES FLOWERS OFTEN – Flowers can be a dust collector. You can use a flowers spray cleaner or just lightly dust every month. Also, changing out your flowers for seasons is a nice way to switch it up and keep it fresh and new and clean.

Learn more at the Creative Gathering Classes at the Emporium:
“Fresh Flowers 101”
Tuesday, April 16, 6-8 pm
Erin, a floral designer at Thanksgiving Point, will teach the basics of arranging flowers, and help you create a beautiful bouquet for your home.

9th Annual Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point
April 12-27 (closed Sundays)
The 9th annual Tulip Festival features more than 250,000 tulips in bloom with thousands of spring flowers. Enjoy daily events such as free gardening demonstrations and garden tours. Also, listen for the traditional melodies of bagpipers and other musical entertainment in the gardens. Other events include Dutch Day, Tulip Princess Pageant and the Half Marathon. There’s no better place than Thanksgiving Point Gardens to celebrate the return of spring and the renowned tulip.

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