How to Save Your Travel Memorabilia

Vacations = lots of pictures, but what about all those tickets or boarding passes? They’re part of the trip too!

Megan Hoeppner shares how you can save these pieces of vacation in a cute way.

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Whether it’s Skee-ball tickets, an amusement park map, or a mini golf score card, summer activities often come with many happy souvenirs. These aren’t items we necessarily want to toss, but knowing what to do with them can be tricky. How do you put them in your scrapbook? You don’t! Instead of trying to fit them in an album, how about making them the album? Simply add your coordinating photos, a few notes on the fun you had, and you’ve got an action-packed remembrance of a fun outing!

Mini Golf Score Card Album

Here’s a hole-in-one idea. Turn your score cards into the pages of a mini book about your course shenanigans. Score cards are often heavy weight paper as they are, so you can simply bind some cards together (you can stitch them using a sewing machine) and glue some pics and decorative extras on. If, however, your cards aren’t heavy enough to act as the structure, you can always glue them to cardstock first to create the pages.

Arcade Ticket Accordion

Who needs a Tootsie Roll for 500 tickets when you can instead put this colorful paper to work on a prize that will last long after your gaming is through? Save a strip of tickets to use as the foundation of a bitty accordion album (album that folds up in an accordion fashion). Using a collage app on your phone, you’re able to print tiny pictures of your game fun that you can then glue on the strip. Now THAT’S the ticket!

Brochure Book

Whether you’re traveling this summer or simply enjoying a stay-cation, make sure you grab a brochure. Even if it’s a place you frequent often. These one-stop guides are loaded with scrapbooking potential. You can either cut them up to create accents for a traditional scrapbook page, or you can use them as the foundation of a mini album.

It’s in the Bag

Decorative day planners are an awesome place to capture keepsakes. Turn a small treat bag into a pocket and insert it in your planner as a place to hold tickets to movies, museums, or any other place visited. We recently went to Ripley’s so, believe it or not, I’m using treat bags in my planner to hold our tickets and a few photos from that trip!

Boarding Pass Project

If you still have boarding passes, train tickets, cruise tickets, etc., look to them for creative inspiration. They, too, are often heavier in weight and work well as the foundation to a memory project. All aboard creativity!

Keepsake Display

You don’t have to make scrapbooks and albums to record memories. Turn bulkier display pieces into a display item to have at home. It’s a nice way to remember the fun long after the luggage has been unpacked and life gets back into the usual swing of things. Using a jar and a special jar lid by Cosmo Cricket, you can keep seashells and beach photos together in one display.
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Souvenir Sampler

If you don’t have time to document each unique experience in its own project, combine souvenirs into a single trip tale. Using The Fuse by We R Memory Keepers, a sewing machine, or divided page protectors, you can easily group together like items to create a single scrapbook page or mini album project. Basically a snapshot of all the things you did.

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