How to Treat Your Pregnant Wife

Don’t make elephant-stomping sounds. Don’t ask about stretch marks.

Author, Michael Snapp has common-sense tips for every soon-to-be father.

Clean the bathrooms (yes, toilets, and showers and stuff). Besides being uncomfortable, the fumes can be miserably nauseating, and potentially dangerous.

Go to the doctor with your wife as much as possible and share in this whole experience. Remember, this is your baby, too. Show concern for your wife’s health, as well as this baby’s health. You want to be there for all the good news, and for sure if there is ever any bad news.

If she doesn’t want to find out the gender of this baby, that should be the final word. It will be a surprise whenever you find out (yes it will). She’s carrying the baby…she decides!

Give your wife an opportunity every day to take a nap. Her and her body are creating a whole other person…takes a lot out of her, let her rest.

Buy her a body pillow to sleep with. It’s all about making things comfortable for her, especially as she approaches the end of pregnancy.

Overall, be extra-sensitive and understanding with her. Mood swings is part of pregnancy. Be patient and understanding, and roll with it. Work on your character flaws that otherwise may make this harder for her.

Don’t ever make the elephant-march sound when your pregnant wife (or coworker) walks into the room!

Don’t ask, “So have you noticed if you’re getting any Stretch marks?”

Don’t let her (or yourself) forget she still has dreams and aspirations.

“How to Treat Your Pregnant Wife” by Michael Snapp is available at Deseret Book and (

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