Human Lab: L’Oreal Collagen Filler- Lip

Fuller lips. It seems like every woman wants a soft and substantial lip look. It’s what the new L’Oreal Collagen Filler Lip promises. For $20, the product claims to instantly fill in vertical lines around the lips and boost natural hydration for a gentle lip plumping effect.

We put the product to a real-life test in the Studio 5 Human Lab. Four women have been using the product for ten days. Using this 5-point rating system, we asked them to weigh cost against benefit:

1 = Don’t waste your money
2 = Not yet a fan
3 = Like it (but, wouldn’t necessarily label as a “must buy”
4 = Really like it (product delivered on its claims)
5 = Love it! (It’s a great value and I would purchase in the future)

Here are their individual results

Angela’s rating = 4

  • restored color
  • stopped lipstick bleeding
  • made lips feel younger

Susan’s rating = 4-5

  • helped with lipstick bleeding
  • plumped top lip more
  • stopped creases across top lip

Julie’s rating = 3

  • helped lipstick stay on better
  • no difference with plumpness
  • no real visible correction

Pam’s rating = 3

  • corrected pigmentation problems
  • didn’t really fill in lines
  • no noticeable effect on thin lip

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