In My Camera Bag

They are the tools that will take your snapshots to the next level!

Photographer Jami Edman of “Images by Jami” reveals the four items she
always has in her camera bag.

Here are 4 things you can put in your camera bag that can improve your

1. A distraction! The first item is cheap, easy and offers a great
way to grab your subject’s attention. I like to place a Pez dispenser,
Smarties, or even a hair scrunchie over my lens that had “googly” eyes
stuck to it. These simple items are sure to grab your subject’s attention.

2. Some type of reflector. Reflectors can be used as shade to
block the sun or as a way to bounce light on to your subject and open up
shadows on the face. You can use something as simple as a piece of white
foam core from Wal-mart or buy photography reflectors on ebay. Try it
you will be surprised at the results.

3. A low light lens. Let’s face it: the lens your DSLR came with
sometimes just doesn’t cut it! You can spend thousands of dollars on a
lens. But a great first “upgrade” lens is the 50mm 1.8 lens. This lens has a
maximum aperture of 1.8 which allows you to let in much more light then
your “kit” lens. The 50 mm 1.8 is only around $100 and, if you can, I
would encourage you to buy the 50mm 1.4 lens which sells for around
$400. Both can be purchased at Pictureline in Salt Lake City.

4. Your camera manual. Learn your camera, read your manual
and practice, practice, practice! Learning to take your camera off “auto”
mode and setting everything in “manual” mode will improve your
photography the very most. If you are having a hard time with the
vocabulary in your camera manual, I would highly suggest you take some
classes. I teach a hands-on photography boot camp class. Participants
learn how to use your camera to great shots for those everyday moments.
(i.e. birthdays, indoor and outdoor sports, concerts, and candid photos of
your cute kids) Visit my website: to learn
more and enter to win a spot in my next class!

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