In the Bag: School Lunches Made Simple & Sleek

Studio Contributor Kiersten Blanchard has more.

Tip #1: Go Green. If you’re used to going through stacks of brown paper bags and a boxes of sandwich baggies, trade them out this year for a fun lunch box and a couple of reusable plastic storage containers. You’ll create less waste, and that peanut butter and jelly sandwich may just make it to lunch time without ending up as a squishy mess!

Tip #2: Give Options.I’m not talking between an apple or a Ding-Dong. I like to have a few baskets that I refill each time I grow to the grocery store. One has fresh fruit options. Another has cracker packs or chips. You get the idea. Each morning kids simply choose an item from each basket, add a sandwich and their lunch is complete. Plus, they are more likely to eat it because they chose it!

Tip #3: Freeze the Juice. Worried about the lunch spoiling? Freeze a water bottle or juice box overnight and add it in the morning to keep food cool until lunch time.

Tip #4: Buy in Bulk. To save a little money this year, skip the pre-packaged single portions. Buying a bag of chips and dividing it up will save you several dollars over buying the mini bags even when purchased in bulk. Instead of buying pre-packaged Lunchables, you can make your own by cutting up cheese, deli meat, and including some crackers. If you’re worried about the extra hassle, divide the bulk purchase into smaller portions as soon as you open it. Then, the correct portion size is there when you need it.

Tip #5: Get Clever with Veggies. Add grated carrots to a favorite muffin mix or in no-bake cookies. Add cucumbers to a turkey sandwich. Or just opt for juices like Motts that disguise vegetable servings in a fruit juice.


Klip It Lunch Cube – $5

Old Navy

Favorite Feature: Love the microwavable, dishwasher safe lunch cube. Keeps food from getting smashed and is environmentally friendly (saves on the plastic baggies).

• Size: 1.4L/48 oz. (140mmx140mmx100mm)

• Lid snaps closed

• Three separate compartments

Several different options of plastic containers are available at

Neoprene Ladybug – $9 on sale (originally $12.99)


Favorite Feature: Easy clean snap-in liner with reusable lady bug ice pack

• Size: ~8.5x9x3

• PVC free & lead and phthalate safe

• Made of sturdy, insulating neoprene

Ci Sport Lunch Box – $11.99


Favorite Feature: larger size and style is great for teen boys; plus it comes with stainless steel sport bottle with carabiner clip

• Size: 10×10.75×3.5

• Removable, easy clean, leak proof liner

• SuperFoam insulation & includes ice pack

• Expandable front compartment

Flower Power Embroidered Lunch Tote – $19.95

Favorite feature: perfect for teen girls who have grown out of princesses and ballerinas

• Size: 7×9.75×4.75

• Customizable

• Insulated cooler tote will keep food warm or cold

Cute Clips Personalized Metal Lunchbox – $32.00*

Favorite feature: dry erase board attached to the inside of the lid so you can leave fun notes.

• Size: 8x7x4

• Lead-free and food safe

• Design is on both sides of the lunchbox

• Customizable

• New Adorable ME line. You can customize the image on the lunchbox to look like your child. It allows them to identify which lunchbox is theirs and you can choose to include or leave off their name.

*Receive a 10% discount by entering the code STUDIO5 during checkout

Favorite feature: ten adorable designs that can be purchased with matching thermos and backpacks

• Size: 10×7.5×3

• Insulated and made of heavy-duty vinyl that’s easy to clean

• Velcro strap holds drinks in place

• Add matching thermos for $9.95

• Buy backpack and lunchbox as a set for $34.95

*Receive a 10% discount by entering the voucher code Studio5 during checkout. Good this week only!

Love Your Lunch Box – $6 pattern

Favorite feature: if you are handy with a sewing machine, simply pick out a ½ yard of fabric and you can create a totally unique lunch bag for your child

• Size: 8x8x2.75

• Boxy shape, optional water bottle holder, side pockets, and a Velcro flap to holds drinks in place

• Reuse the pattern to create as many lunchboxes as you want

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