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Bring the indoors out! 5 outdoor space updates that touch on all the senses

Enhance your outdoor space with a few sensory adjustments.

We are spending more time in the backyard these days, and we want that space to be an inviting place to enjoy. Consider your senses when setting up your outside patio! From the smell of the flowers to the sounds of music playing, you’ll want to be outside more than ever with these ideas for elevated outdoor updates.

Lauren Oviatt shared her ideas for transforming these spaces with a few simple concepts we can all embrace.


Bring The Inside Out

Don’t be overwhelmed thinking, “another room I have to decorate…” keep it simple. The same style and pieces you love inside can make their way to your outdoor space. If your home is farmhouse – it makes sense to have a farmhouse style outside. If you love traditional interiors – consider a more traditional exterior set of all-weather wicker. The key here is cohesiveness. We usually say bring the outdoors in – but Lauren says bring the indoors out!

Layer Like You Would Inside

The best way to pull an outdoor room together is to furnish it as you would an interior space. You have your furniture grouping – a couple of chairs, a sofa grouping maybe… so ground it with an outdoor area rug.

Next we’d have obvious throw pillows, but also consider a throw blanket folded over the arm of the sofa or chair. Side tables help anchor the space and serve as a great place for function when it comes to eating and working outside.

You may not have thought of lamps outside, but there are some incredible re-chargeable floor lamps, table lamps, and lanterns that are cordless and simply amazing. As we know – lighting has the power to transform a space.

Go Vertical

Many outdoor areas are in spaces like pergolas and covered porches – have you ever considered enclosing those spaces in drapery? It is luxurious and hotel-like, kind of like a cabana!

Also consider hanging baskets, bunting for holidays, and of course, overhead lighting like a hardwired lantern or strung lights.

Consider The Five Senses

  1. Soothing, cohesive color palette
  2. Flowers, herbs, or candles for a welcoming aroma
  3. Soft textures in your cushion and upholstery choices
  4. Music!
  5. Outdoor entertaining and great eats are a huge part of summer

Holidays Always Help

If you’re struggling to make your exterior spaces exciting – do a little holiday decorating. Summer color schemes are such a fun way to punch up your outdoor spaces. There’s the obvious red, white and blue… but it’s also fun to go with sunny yellow and sky blue, or a more nautical navy and white. This is where some theme-y decor can help. Banners, buntings, etc. to give your outdoor spaces a splash.

Lauren Oviatt’s design instinct blends classic elements of the South with the fresh, young perspective characteristic of the West. She specializes in unique – yet enduring design customized to the individual client. Those who know Lauren say she brings class, and taste to every endeavor. Connect with Lauren through her website at laurenoviatt.com.

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