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Embrace your inner kindergartener! These charming cut out art pieces are wall worthy

Pull out the glue and scissors for some grown-up cut out art!

These dimensional art pieces are reminiscent of the good ‘ol days of cutting and pasting. But when you’re done, you have a pretty piece of art that should hang on the wall for all to see! Like the famous artist, Matisse, said, we’re “drawing with scissors.”

Laurie White shares how approachable this project is. She shares how to look for – or make – visually interesting paper, and how to layer up the finished product.

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Find the Cut Paper Pictures book Laurie mentioned here.


Cut Out Art: A Few Tips For Success

1- Make a simple background on white heavy paper that is painted or patterned.

2- Work from back to front, biggest shapes to smaller shapes. Shapes are all just a contour edge of the image.

3- Add texture and dimension with smaller shapes, details, and lighter shaded paper. For example: On a black roof, tear a little white marbled paper for snow.

4- Add tiny paper details like little snowmen, people, small trees and wreaths, and hats on your people.

5- Don’t forget snow! You can draw it on after with a white gel pen, paint it on, use a white colored pencil, or punch big snowflakes with your paper punch.

Have fun! Its not supposed to be perfect! Its supposed to be quirky and sentimental and hand-crafted.

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