Insect Problems and Control

Jerry L. Goodspeed, Director of Ogden Botanical Gardens for Utah State University Weber Extension, has some helpful ideas to keep the insect problems to a minimum.

Garden and Elsewhere Insect Control


1. Organic controls: Insecticidal soaps, Strong stream of water, pyrethrum, Neem

2. Chemicals: Malathion, Sevin, Pyrethroids,

3. Predators: Ladybird beetles, lacewing larva

Box Elder Bugs:

1. Organic: Soapy water, boric acid, Perma-Dust, diatomaceous earth

2. Chemicals: Orthene, carbaryl,

3. Cultural: shade, remove female box elder trees

Lawn Insect Control

White Grubs:

1. Organic: Different turf types (Fescue, perennial rye), Nematodes

2. Chemical preventers: Merit (Imidacloprid), Mach 2 (halofenozide)

3. Chemical curative: Dylox (trichlorfon) and Sevin (carbaryl)

4. Cultural: Keep lawn healthy, don’t over water, mow high (3″), develop shade

For more information on insect control call Jerry Goodspeed at (801) 399-8201 or visit their website at

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