wildflower tablescape

Instant Wildflower Tablescape: The $10 DIY centerpiece you can use for any occasion

Pull this wildflower tablescape out for any event!

No matter what the season, one centerpiece can make an instant tablescape. It’s not candles (although they would also fit the description). We’re making an all-season wildflower table garden that you can make for under 10-bucks. This four-step DIY will fill your home with fresh scents and unique dried blooms.

Artist Jonnie Hartman shares how-to.

Find more ideas from Jonnie on Instagram, @jonniehartmanart.


How to Make a Wildflower Table Garden


  1. Obtain a length of wood (can be cut by your local hardware store)
  2. Drill holes for flowers
  3. Sand or paint
  4. Arrange your desired flowers


Wildflower Hoop

  1. Choose desired size of hoop
  2. Hot glue outside of hoop
  3. Wrap twine in desired pattern
  4. weave in flowers
  5. Hang



Trader Joe’s : Fresh eucalyptus, multiple varieties . $3 a bundle

Pampas grass bundle

Wood: Local hardware store TIP – look in the cull/scraps section in the back of the store, pieces are 70 percent off!

Jonnie is a professional artist and designer. You can see more of her ideas and contact her through her through Instagram at @jonniehartmanart.

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