International Children’s Choir

Imagine 20 years of singing in the most magnificent places in the world and
with the most magnificent musicians—that’s what the International
Children’s Choir (ICC) is celebrating this year. From the great concert halls
and cathedrals of Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and America, to the thrilled
audiences in Israel and Jordan, to the exotic Great Wall of China, the ICC has
brought peace and unification through song.

They have been amply rewarded with medals at the World Choir Olympics in
China and awards for their recordings. They performed with both the
Tabernacle Choir and the Utah Symphony for the 2002 Winter Olympics, with
Donny Osmond in over 60 Broadway shows, in numerous operas with the
Utah Opera, in broadcasts and PBS specials with the Tabernacle Choir and
Utah Symphony, and in movie and video game soundtracks. Mostly unknown
to the public are over 500 private performances for special dignitaries,
ambassadors, heads of state, royalty, international conferences and
conventions. For each, they sing in the language(s) of the guest(s) of honor.
For instance, for the Dalai Lama they sang in Tibetan.

In addition to beautiful singing in over 30 languages, the ICC is renowned for
its colorful authentic folkloric costumes. The organization is the culmination
of the doctoral research of its founder and director, Dr. Kathy Sorensen.

Children of various cultural heritages participate from all over Utah. They
learn correct and healthy singing techniques and musical skills in an
enjoyable manner. Instrumentalists and dancers are also nurtured. Many
former members have attained musical careers as teachers, professors and
performers, even in opera companies as far away as Italy and the “Met.”

For future members who would like to become part of this amazing
endeavor. visit us www.InternationalChildr

or call Dr. Sorensen, director, at
801-484-4227 or Mrs. Ng, manager, at 801-815-1194.

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