Irresistible Mineral Makeup

Janelle Rush, owner of NS Minerals, has teamed up with to bring you mineral makeup at an irresistible price.

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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

How is mineral makeup different than retail cosmetics?

Pure mineral makeup uses your natural body chemistry (oils) to adhere to the skin. Therefore improving the stay-power and health of the skin. Liquid makeup can clog your pores and trap bacteria beneath it’s surface. NS allows your skin to breath while still offering skin tone coverage and protection without causing breakouts. We’ve also added a proprietary mineral complex of ingredients that are natural nutrients for the skin. They help fight aging and acne, while also protecting and hydrating the skin.

How is it better for my skin?

NS Minerals uses safe natural ingredients that actually have health benefits for your skin. NS complex also provides essential mineral nutrients that are beneficial to hydrating and protecting your skin. The minerals also provide a natural sunblock for daily SPF protection. Daily sun damage is the causes most dark spots and wrinkles. NS will not cause acne and helps to calm redness in the skin.

What kind of coverage does it provide?

Not all mineral makeup covers the same. Just like any product each company has differently sourced ingredients and formulas. NS is made to mesh and grab on well to oils, offering superior coverage. The type of brush you use, and the amount you put on attribute to the amount of coverage. You can also blend NS with any face lotion or eye cream to get a heavier coverage, although most people don’t need to. You can also wear NS as a tinted moisturizer. We have tutorials available on your youtube channel to show you can easily blend our products to your needs. We hear NS tends to have a better natural look, coverage and longevity than other mineral product lines.

About NS Minerals:

At NS Minerals our mission is to help every woman in the world find and embrace her own inner beauty, and to radiate her natural, outer beauty. Every woman is unique, and our all-natural cosmetic line is designed to protect and enhance all skin types, creating a radiant glow and a smooth, healthy complexion. The simple and easy-to-use products boost confidence and empower women through the artistic expression of self.

NS Minerals is the brand of choice for professional makeup artists and everyday wearers. Our innovative and superior formulations are designed to protect and enhance the skin. Sounds expensive, right? Good thing we’re committed to providing innovative and superior formulations to the world at an affordable price. We only look expensive.

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