It Doesn’t Get Easier Whip

Get ready to re-vamp your style, decor, and even parenting – in a quick and
simple way. This month we’re taking it easy, but even when you take the easy
route – you want to seem like you’ve got it all together. We’ve rounded up
some of our Studio 5 staff for an easy Studio 5 whip.

Instant Style Flair

Bold Accent Belt, H & M, $9.95
Silk Scarf with Handbag, Banana Republic, $24.99
Leopard Kitten Heels, Nordstrom, $109.95

Punch Up Your Decor

Accent Lamps & Shades, World Market, $12.99-$14.99
Throw Pillows, Indigo Sage Furniture Gallery, $12-$18
Outdoor Rug, Pillow, & Table, World Market, $100

Mom of the Year Award

Boredom Buster GAK,

Petite Cinnamon Rolls, Costco, $7.50
Foster Farms Hot Wings, Costco, $14
Instant Entertainment Toys, Smiths & Hobbytown USA, $3-$5

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