It’s All About Steam

They handle every transaction with every customer with integrity. When you deal with them, you buy with confidence because your needs are always respected first. Sargent Steam is completely focused on helping you lean up any mess fast!

Joyce Mathie visits Studio 5 to talk about Sargent Steam.

All About Steam

Steam cleaners were invented 20 years ago in Europe when a bar owner noticed his wife cleaning the lipstick off wine glasses with steam from the cappuccino machine! (Any restaurant owner will tell you that lipstick stains are a pain!) As he watched a bright red smudge literally melt away in seconds, he said “WOW! That was amazingly effective. How can I harness that same steam power to clean the rest of this place?”

He went to work engineering a portable appliance that could be easily applied to any kind of cleaning. He took a 2 quart stainless steel water tank—hooked up some electricity to heat the water—added a pressure valve to force the resulting vapor through a hose—connected a handle that would allow several types of attachments and, voila! The power of steam at your fingertips! Pretty simple, pretty basic, pretty REVOLUTIONARY!

He discovered that all kinds of “painful stains” like grease, tar, wax, soap scum, sugar, and cigarette smoke were no match for steam vapor delivered at 240 degrees with 45 pounds of pressure behind it. Now he could clean the floors, walls, windows, stove, sink, bathroom fixtures, counters, chairs, baseboards, tables, chairs, the whole place, and all that was left behind was clean, shiny, sparkling, dirt free, chemical free, sanitized surfaces with NO streaks and NO residue to attract more dirt!

He tweaked and adjusted until efficiency and user friendliness was perfected. He even added an iron attachment so he could take advantage of all that continuous steam while pressing the table linens. Isn’t technology great?

Why Steam Cleaning?

It’s Faster: Degrease your oven faster than you ever dreamed possible. Wash windows and screens (in place) in minutes. Clean your refrigerator quickly without removing the food. Floors, walls, cabinets, and countertops are washed, rinsed, dried, and sanitized in one quick step.

It’s Easier: No mops, buckets, rubber gloves, or wringing out dirty rags. No water dripping down your arm, No climbing in on ladders or scrubbing on your hands and knees. Very user friendly and simply to use.

It’s Better. Reaches into cracks, crevices and other impossible-to-reach places. Very economical. The only consumable is water. Leaves no chemical residue behind to attract more dirt. Steam cleans more thoroughly than chemicals. Steam is better for you and the environment than harsh toxic chemicals

It’s Healthier: Rid your life of toxic chemicals and their fumes. Kills molds, mildew, germs and dust mites. Deodorizes and sanitizes as you clean. Effect relief for allergy sufferers.

It’s safer: No chemicals to inhale and damage your lungs. No toxic chemicals to burn your skin. Not worried about children or pets ingesting chemicals involving poison control.

About the Founder

Joyce Mathie doesn’t know the meaning of the term “mandatory retirement.” At the age of 60 when all her friends were ending their careers, she started up a fabulous new company selling steam cleaners. It began with her infectious enthusiasm for a remarkable product that literally changed her life. Some health problems in Joyce’s life were keeping her from cleaning her own house in the conventional ways of getting down on her hands and knees was just not an option but her steam cleaner performed some pretty remarkable tasks without scrubbing and without toxic chemicals that were probably causing her health problems. She became determined to share this life-changing product with as many people as possible. What began as a high level hobby bloomed into a viable business opportunity for herself and those who couldn’t wait to join her in spreading the word.

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To learn more about Sargent Steam, call toll free at (800) SGT-STEA(M) or in Salt Lake call (801) 326-8322 or go on line at . Sargent Steam is located at 3131 East at 3300 south, in Salt Lake City

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