Jillie Willie: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Instead of “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue,” Jill Grover, owner of the local company Jillie Willie, says go with “something practical, something frilled, something pink or something silly!” She shares her favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas.

I love the old wedding saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” It puts a formula on the “must-haves” of that special day. Here’s a similar formula to help you find the perfect gift for mom: when gift hunting this year look for “something practical, something frilly, something pink or something silly.” You’ll hit a home run every time! Here are a few gift ideas from each category:


1. A Memory Book –

I think it would be cute to create a memory book, similar to the popular read “1001 Things it Means to Be a Mom.” You could highlight the things that mean something to you about memories of your Mom and then write little notes in the margins – using the book as inspiration. Now your Mom has a cute book that has been personalized by you with sweet little fond memories of days gone by.

2. Hangers

Fancy up a regular hanger with cute hair bows (great gift idea for your Sisters or special friends, too!). Add a cute hair clip to the top of the hangers, or something to fancy the hanger, and then add a cute note that says: “I always love hangin’ out with you!”


1. Fluffy, Frilly Necklace

This is a fun, trendy accessory and typically something mom wouldn’t splurge on for herself!

2. “Sweet Sundae” Gift Pack

Package up a frilly apron with the makings for ice cream sundaes! Include an ice cream scoop, sprinkles, maraschino cherries


1. Charades Game from Hallmark

You can buy the game as I did in a cute pink can from Hallmark.. or even better make the game and then you could personalize it to your Family Favorites!

2. Think Pink Organization Caddy

Fill a pink organization caddy with scissors, paper, and gourmet scented pencils! These pencils are a hoot. The flavor is cotton candy and (I’m not kidding!) you’ll want to eat the eraser!


1. Mom’s Favorite Treat

The idea for this gift is to focus on your Mother’s favorite treat. Wrap up a bright colored pan with an Oatmeal Container. Add a note that says: “Excuse the Mush but I really love you, Mom!” Then will think of you with fondness as she is preparing her treat

2. Princess Doll

Well, I’ve seen it all now – ! This little princess doll, her name is Shara Tiara, she comes with 3 Tiaras, she has a magnet on her head. Every time you change her Tiara, the dolly makes a magical sound. I think this would be a fun gift to give any Mom, because it’s such a sweet and silly gesture but now you have something cute and entertaining for your children or grandchildren. Find Shara Tiara at Hallmark.

Jill Williams Grover is the founder of “Jillie Willie,” an online company that sells aprons, housedresses, accessories and more! She is the author of nine books, including “Throwing the Perfect Party: Fun Games and Activities for Wedding & Bridal Showers” and “Dime Store Decorating.”

To purchase her books, aprons or other “Jillie Willie” products, visit:

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