Jill’s 10-Pound Challenge Story

One Studio 5 viewer let us follow her around with a camera during the 10-Pound Challenge. Jill is about to turn 40 and ready for a fresh start.

Jill’s Lessons Learned from the 10 Pound Challenge

1. Pay attention to portion size / split it up if it is too many calories

2. Protein in the morning

3. Research before you eat out

4. Fruits and vegetables, they are really good when you get used to them

5. Water, Water, Water

6. I get hungry and that’s okay

7. If you fall down, get back up the next day

8. Learn to love dark chocolate and treat yourself at the end of a good day

9. Don’t forget to snack

10. Sleep

11. Smile, We are worth it!

12. Involve the family and make it fun

13. Cook at home

14. Plan out your meals for the day

15. Exercise, even if you can only do a few minutes

16. You don’t need all the butter

17. You can sauté veggies in cooking spray

18. 3:00 – 5:00 is my hardest time as are weekends and days when my schedule is off

19. Will power is a sham and you don’t have it

20. Perseverance!!!

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