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Jump in the pool! 6 water workouts to get you moving this summer

Try these water workouts next time you’re at the pool or lake.

The summer heat makes it hard to want to exercise outside… unless you can take your workout to the pool! We are sharing fun ways to exercise in the water.

Studio 5 Fitness Contributor Emily Nelson shares some ideas that you can take from the pool to the lake.


Summer has its own unique set of challenges for keeping up a regular workout routine. The heat can be overwhelming, and our routines often become unpredictable. However, this doesn’t mean you should give up. Instead, get creative and take your workout to the water!

Many of us hesitate to jump into the water, especially if it’s cold. We might worry about messing up our hair, or we just dislike the initial chill. But Emily said to just take the plunge! Once you’re in, you’ll find that water workouts can be incredibly rewarding.

“I promise you it is such a good workout, it’s so much fun, and it feels so good,” Emily said

The Benefits of Water Workouts

Exercising in the water isn’t just fun, it’s also a great workout. Moving against the resistance water provides can give you a rush of endorphins. Plus, it’s a great way to cool down in the summer heat.

When you go to the pool with your kids, don’t just sit on the sidelines. Get in the water and make the most of it. You can even incorporate your kids into your workout by using them as weights for leg extensions or lifts. It’s a fun way for both you and your kids to stay active.

You might wonder if a water workout can be as effective as a gym workout. The answer is a resounding yes! “I’m telling you, it is a very effective workout that just challenges your body in a completely different way,” Emily emphasized.

Water workouts help you engage muscles you might not typically use. Plus, they’re a blast!

Even simple exercises like treading water can give you a serious workout. The moment you step into the water and submerge your body, you become weightless. This allows you to move freely and use the water as resistance, making for an excellent low-impact workout.

Water Exercises

Treading Water

Just treading water is an excellent workout. “As you keep your legs going and then also, engaging your core, you’re moving almost every muscle,” Emily explained. “And, you are tired! Like it’s really not easy.”

Poolside Leg Extensions

If you don’t want to get in the water, sit on the side. Let the kids sit on your legs and lift them like they are your weights.

Pushups & Tricep dips

Do pushups or tricep dips on the side or shallow end of the pool. The kids might even see and want to join in. “I think that’s what’s fun. Showing them that movement can be fun while you’re also moving your body,” Emily said.

Beyond the Pool: Lake Workouts

If you’re going to the lake, try paddleboarding or kayaking. They can give you a full-body workout, engaging your core and improving your balance. If you’re up for a real challenge, try wake surfing. It’s a fun activity that will leave you feeling accomplished (and maybe a little sore the next day).

“Even if you fall, the act of trying and getting up and trying again, you’re working every muscle in your body,” Emily explained.

Summer is the perfect time to mix up your workout routine and try something new. Next time you’re at the pool or lake, don’t just lounge around – dive in and get moving! You’ll have fun, and your body will thank you.

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