Just For Mom: Stay-At-Home Solutions

A 2006 survey by Survey.com found the average stay-at-home mom works a 92-hour work week…that’s 52 hours of overtime! And, if paid, moms would ear close to a 150-thousand dollars each year, for the work they do. But a study in the late 1990’s revealed only half of all stay at home mom’s feel the job is “ideal.”

So with no paycheck to show for it, and often not a lot of “thank you’s”…how can you feel fulfilled in household jobs you do everyday?

Stephanie Peterson with Utah’s Mama presents solutions for five common problems and emotions stay-at-home mom’s sometimes experience.


PROBLEM #1: You feel isolated.

Mom’s groups are a great solution to get out and meet other women that are in your same situation. There are many groups in every county to choose from depending on your situation.

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)




Moms of Twins

Utah Valley Mothers of Multiples-www.uvmom.com

Salt Lake Mothers of Twins- www.slmot.com

Northern Utah Mothers of Multiples- www.multikids.org/index.html

MOM’s Club International- www.momsclub.org

PROBLEM #2: You’re frustrated by a lack of validation.

Find some activity that allows you and the end of the day, to see in concrete terms that you’ve accomplished something. Have you always wanted to take guitar or learn to be a better writer? Adult education classes are a great way to do this. Check with your local school district or university in your area.

University of Utah- http://continue.utah.edu/

Brigham Young University- ce.byu.edu/home/

You may also try volunteering:

211 Resource and Referral- www.informationandreferral.org/

PROBLEM #3: Your financial situation has changed.

Running a household on a limited budget can be difficult, but saving a couple hundred dollars here and there add up to significant savings. Can you switch to a less expensive cell-phone plan, cable service or insurance policy? Do you have a great hobby that could be turned into a home business? Something you can run while kids are at school or napping? Also consider shopping at consignment stores for back to school clothes or Christmas. Keep an eye out for Christmas presents year round and buy them when you see them. Supplies can be short around Christmas and you may not find what you’re looking for. So shop early!!

Dogwood Clothing-www.dogwoodusa.com

Shop here for great bargains on boys clothes.

Kid to Kid- www.kidtokid.com
Shop here for anything from toys to clothes. You can actually take in your old items you are not using and even make money that way.

PROBLEM #4: You feel a loss of identity.

Try to reinvent yourself. Think of something you really enjoyed before you had kids that you’d like to take up again. Why not join an all moms soccer team, or train for a 5K. Would you like to go back to school? Great, take one class a semester and soon you’ll be finished. Your life changes dramatically when you have kids, but you shouldn’t have to give up what you enjoy and makes you feel alive.

PROBLEM #5: The kids are driving you crazy.

Did someone say Girls Night Out? Gather some of your girlfriends together and go out; or stay in (Grey’s Anatomy starts soon.) Other fun ideas include:

Host a monthly game night

Have a dessert night

Go bowling

Have a craft night

<>It’s also important to take time for ourselves:

Go to a bookstore or library and get comfy with a good book

Pamper yourself at the spa or salon

Start a hobby like sewing or photography

Take a nap

Don’t forget spending time with your other half. Try having date night once a month, ask grandparents to watch your kids or trade of with another family.

Stephanie Peterson is the CFO of Todays Mama, a handbook that provides personal, professional and parenting resources designed to foster a greater sense of identity, empowerment and connection for women and mothers everywhere.. Stephanie has two children, Logan and Lincoln, and on top of being a nine-time marathon competitive, is also a project manager in the construction industry.

For more information about Todays Mama, visit www.todaysmama.com.

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