Keep Your Carpet Looking New

No one likes spending money replacing carpet. But you don’t have to if you know how to take care of it!

Scott Arkon from Zerorez shares four tips that will help you get the most out of your carpet.

1. Stop the soil at the source.

* A lot of soil is brought in from outdoors. Keep your driveway clean and use outdoor and indoor mats to catch as much as possible.

2. Vacuum! Vacuum! Vacuum!

* Carpet manufacturers recommend in their warranties that you should use one approved by the carpet and rug institute. Top vacuum brands are currently: Kirby, Oreck, Ricaar and Simplicity

* Vacuum once per week for each person in your home in traffic lanes and all areas once per week.

3. Have your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular schedule.

* Manufacturers recommend hot water extraction (also known as steam cleaning) every 12 to 18 months to maintain your warranties. Most people wait until their carpet looks bad before deciding to clean. This damages the carpet and makes it so the cleaning can’t bring the carpet back to a ‘like new appearance. Regular maintenance cleanings will keep the carpet looking good for years.

4. Protect your investment by re-applying the factory carpet protectant after cleaning.

* Most carpets come with a ScotchGaurd protectant that helps prevent stains and makes soil easier to vacuum up. This protectant does not last forever and does need to be re-applied. We can do that right after the cleaning

* Zerorez can’t help with the first two tips, but we definitely can be your partner in the second two. Using our Empowered Water to clean with no soaps, shampoos or detergents your carpets stay cleaner longer because there is Zero Residue when we are done.

· Right now we’re doing maintenance cleanings for only $30 per carpeted area up to 200 sqft. No limit to how many areas we will do at that price!

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