Kicking the Cold out of Cold Season

Kicking the Cold out of Cold Season

This frigid time of year in Utah leaves our immune systems down…and catching a cold can be way too easy.

Pharmacist Christine Jacobsen from Wasatch Healthmart Pharmacy Care gives some helpful tips to keep you, and your family, up and running this cold season.

To stay healthy this cold season:

· Increase Vitamin C intake- 500mg to 1000mg daily

· Take an extra Vitamin D3

· Take a good B vitamin supplementation

· Wash your hands constantly, antibacterial soaps & antiseptics are excellent

· Sleep good, minimum 6 consecutive hours of uninterrupted sleep

· Drink enough fluids, particularly mineral filtered water

· When coughing, cough into your sleeve and away, not into your hands

· If you do get a little cold coming on, ‘nip it in the bud’

· Cough drops, lozenges, and syrups can be helpful for a cough

· Use acetaminophen for a mild fever and ibuprofen for a fever over 100 degrees

· Use cold tablets, sprays, and liquids for a runny nose and watery eyes

You can always check with your HealthMart pharmacist for the right medication for your cold symptoms to nip the cold in the bud before it starts to drag you down.

For any cold questions feel free to visit your local Wasatch Healthmart Pharmacy or visit their website online.

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