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Help your kids feel safe at home. 4 ways to turn your house into a summer haven

Here’s how you can make sure kids feel safe in your home.

The statistics tell a compelling story. Today’s kids and teens are dealing with more worry and stress than ever before. As time passes, the world outside seems to be getting more complicated, and it’s a shared sentiment among parents that our children often don’t feel safe outside the home.

Alexis Bradley and Chanté Stutznegger, hosts of the online community ‘Let’s Talk Sis,’ shared how parents can create safety inside the home, transforming it into a summer haven and making kids feel safe.


Alexis and Chanté emphasized the importance of connection with our children. Whether it’s pulling in our little ones close or being involved in our teenagers’ lives, knowing what they’re experiencing is crucial. It’s not about having all the cool toys and electronics; it’s about creating an environment where kids want to be.

Different Families, Different Situations

Every family is unique, and summer can throw some curveballs. Whether it’s parents working from home, having a high-need child, or not being able to go on vacation for financial reasons, Alexis and Chanté are passionate about supporting parents in their different situations.

Here are four things you can do to make your home a summer haven.

The Power of Routine

Alexis and Chanté believe that kids thrive with a routine. Even if it changes due to summer sports or other activities, knowing what to expect provides a sense of peace. It’s not about having a rigid chore chart, but about providing structure that helps parents and kids alike.

Involving Kids in the Day-to-Day

Involving kids in the day-to-day activities is another way to create a summer haven. Whether it’s helping make the grocery list or planning dinner, involving kids in these activities can be a great learning experience.

The Value of Imaginative Play

Allowing room for imaginative play is essential. It’s okay for kids to be bored and to push through the discomfort. That’s when they get creative and figure things out.

Creating a Safe Space for Other Kids

Alexis and Chanté also discussed the importance of making your home a place where other kids, whether they’re friends, neighbors, nieces, or nephews, feel comfortable and safe. You can do that by showing your genuine excitement when the kids come over.

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