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Life Lessons Kids Learn from Sports: Why a pro athlete says they are so important

The things kids learn from sports are so valuable, even if they don’t play at the pro level.

If your children are athletes who spend much of their time playing a sport, you might wonder what it’s all for since only a small percentage of people move on to play at a professional level.

Eric Mika, although a professional athlete himself, says playing sports would have been worth it no matter what the outcome because of the valuable life lessons he learned along the way. He shares why it’s worth it to put your kids in sports.

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You’ll want to tell your boys and husband who you saw on Studio 5. Eric Mika plays center for the NBA G League, Ignite. In college, he played basketball for Brigham Young University. He and his wife are high school sweethearts and recently welcomed their second child into the world.

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